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Etailers and Webshops

It is essential for a webshop owner to be aware of the movements in the online market and to see what changes in price and availability are taking place with the competition.
Managing your prices is very important and also a time-consuming factor, if you sell a couple of hundred items / SKUs through your webshop, you will soon be working a day a week to monitor and adjust the prices.
After all, you want to determine the best pricing strategy that suits your company and your customers. Price is one of the determining factors for the customer, so it is essential for you as a webshop owner to generate the most turnover in balance with the right margin. With PriceTweakers, you are always aware of the latest changes, and you can automatically adjust your prices based on your strategy. So you could know what is going on in one of the 68 countries that we monitor and you can, therefore, sail with us on the right course for the best result and growth of your company.