Sander Vooys

Digimaxx.nl - Director

"In our branch we are dealing with many suppliers which is why we need to be up to date on the most actual prices. PriceTweakers makes sure that we always have this information on hand. The system also shows us the competitors' stock overview.

Alex Hollander

Second minds - Director

We finally found a tool that helps us in fine tuning our pricing strategy to our customers. With the help of PriceTweakers we have gained insight into the competitors' prices, the margins have improved and the conversion has grown

Lennaert Helleman

Saniworld NV - Director

The sanitary market is very competitive with many suppliers both online and in the omnichannels. Using PriceTweakers' software we have been able to gain insight in market developments and it helps us to automatically adapt our prices to changes

Who does not want online success? We are working every day to achieve this with a team of dedicated E-commerce specialists. We ensure that you as our customer are always informed about the current information of your competitors. We help you to increase your sales, improve margin and saves a lot of time. We give you more insight info into your own business. Please contact us for a demo.