Six ways to increase your profits for your online store

Posted on 28 September by Simon Gomez in Pricing strategies

Companies look for many things. If you ask 100 companies for their goals, the vast majority will say the same thing: increase profits. But that is easier said than done. It requires tons of work from you and everybody in your company. Here are some tips and practices you can implement in your company to increase your profit margin.

1- Reduce overhead costs 

Overhead costs are business-related expenses. The rent, utilities, insurance, and salaries are some examples of overhead costs. Overhead costs can be small or big, but in the end, they will come to bite you. Hiring an accountant to look after your finances will help you reduce costs. Also, do not buy everything. Rent an office instead of buying one, and rent the equipment you use. Outsourcing tasks and having a small business team also helps.     

2- Evaluate your processes 

Look at your company's operations and evaluate where you are overspending money. As an online seller, it is okay to spend more money on warehouse structures. Furthermore, it is okay to spend money on marketing. But you cannot overspend on creating content that, at this time, will not work for you. One example is video content. Shredding your budget of unnecessary costs will help you increase your profits.   

3- Review your portfolio 

Now, you have to identify which products sell the most and which sell the least. What you do there is simple. Focus on the products that sell more and generate more profit for your business. Discard those that sell less or create pricing strategies to increase their sales volume. PriceTweakers is a pricing program, and one of the report pages is the performance of your products. You can create pricing strategies, monitor your competitors, and much more! 

4- Take advantage of seasonal sales

Sales during a year have many changes. Sometimes you have good periods, and sometimes you don’t. One of the ways you can switch those bad periods into good ones is by performing seasonal sales. For example, running sales during summer, winter, Black Friday, Christmas, and many more! The key is to identify the dates for those sales and prepare ahead of time.

5- Create and optimize your pricing strategy 

Once you know which are your top products (Step 3), it is time to create a pricing strategy. There are many pricing strategies you can pick from, depending on your objective. You can choose from these strategies: competitor-basedcost-basedpromotional pricing, and many more. PriceTweakers allows you to create these pricing strategies and more. But once you assemble a pricing strategy, you cannot leave it there. You have to monitor it and change it. Your competitors will respond to your pricing strategy, so you must reply back.   

6- Optimize the payment process 

Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem, and it is frustrating. Nobody likes to wait when you have to make a payment online. The Hosting Manual discovered that 50% of users expect web page load times of less than 2 seconds. If the page takes 3 seconds or more, visitors leave the website. Another reason to abandon your site is when you have to create an account. Baymard found that creating an account was the second reason to leave a purchase (24%).   

Source: Baymard

Thankfully, there are ways to prevent shopping cart abandonment. Test your page and optimize it and improve your reload time. Also, offer guest checkout to your customers, so they can purchase freely, without the need to force them to create an account. 

7- Video content

Oberlo discovered that video content increased the return on investment (ROI). Companies use video to build brand awareness and reach out to potential customers. However, creating high-quality video content can be a significant drain on your resources and time, leading to an increase in expenditures. However, using modern tools can cut down that cost and time substantially. For instance, you can employ a tool such as VEED, which doubles as a video caption generator and an auto subtitle generator. By preparing your videos and adding subtitles or captions to them, you will make your videos more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience across different languages and regions. This inexpensive strategy could potentially increase your sales and revenue without pumping in excessive marketing funds.


Increasing the profit of your company involves many aspects of your business. PriceTweakers will help you boost your earnings, price monitoring tool, and pricing strategy creation. With our program, you can create more than 30 pricing strategies and add conditions to make them unique. You will increase your market insight, profit, and margins. You will also save time on tasks, and your employees can focus on other duties.     


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Posted on 28 September by Simon Gomez in Pricing strategies