The biggest challenge
for you as a manufacturer, distributor, or supplier is to monitor the prices your end customers pay on the internet because it is important that your products are not priced too cheap or offered too expensive. Of course, you have agreed with your dealer channels to offer your products at a going price for the retail channels (MSRP) and a minimum advertised price (MAP) for the retailers that also have online stores or other internet selling channels like Amazon,eBay but how do you keep track of this?

PriceTweakers can help you by putting data from your products into the User-friendly interface of PriceTweakers so that you can accurately track what is happening with your products. If one of your clients work under the required MSRP or MAP, you will immediately see this in the dashboard or see it in one of the special MAP reports. You can also see all the information about your products in detailed reports and use the filters to retrieve all the info needed.

With MAP and MSRP you can:

  • Have access to extensive reporting capabilities. 
  • Make price comparisons based on your products. 
  • Check the popularity of your products.
  • Check the availability of your products at the dealers. 
  • Check both MSRP and MAP pricing. 
  • Compare and set up sell-out periods with discounts.  
  • Make dashboards for your sales representatives.
  • Receive infringement alert by email* 
  • Benchmark your products.
  • Calculate the market value of your products.
  • Benchmark your products in multiple countries.

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