Competitor Monitoring

PriceTweakers gives you insight into the most used tool in the world and the Netherlands: Google Shopping. You can also monitor important platforms like, Amazon, eBay, among others.

We can monitor all your competitors, but since nobody knows your business better than you, you can give us a list with your main competitors so that the software start monitoring them.

By default, we check the prices once a day, but you can indicate if you want us to check it frequently.

Yes, we can. PriceTweakers can be used with various languages and several currencies.

Of course, we have smart techniques to monitor your competitors even though they have anti-monitoring techniques.

This depends on your wishes and of course, the data found, but the sky is the limit.


System Queries

The PriceTweakers dashboards are designed to give you a quick insight of relevant information through different handy widgets. You can configure them according to, for example, brand, category, product group and so on.

PriceTweakers has a large number of reports that give you insight into your competitors' price changes, availability of the products, recommended prices of your suppliers and all the information you need to know to set an effective pricing strategy.

Yes of course! The widgets give you useful visual information in charts and tables. Furthermore, the reports show graphical information.

Do you want to connect PriceTweakers with your system? You can do it if it works with an HTTP protocol. Any system which works with an HTTP protocol can connect with PriceTweakers.

For more information, you can visit the settings tab and download the API documentation or if you want to receive detailed information send us an email to

No, we don't have a limit on the number of URLs you want to track.

Of course, we are always open to new suggestions to make the system better. Every week the system gets new additions and functionalities, usually in cooperation with one of our clients, and we always try to make this development available to everyone.

No, this is one of the advantages of PriceTweakers compared to another price comparison software. Everyone in your organization can use our tool.

Yes, one of our experts can advise you on how to establish a more appropriate pricing policy or to strengthen your current policy with PriceTweakers.

PriceTweakers is available for all your questions from 09:00 to 22:00 via chat, email, and phone.

Of course, our sales staff are ready to answer all your questions.

Of course, if you create an account, you can use a demo account from one of our current customers. It is also possible to test PriceTweakers for free with your products for 7 days. Please contact us for the free demo.


Product and Site to Site Matching

If you work in a specific sector, or a niche, it is possible that your main competitors don't advertise on Google Shopping, that is why PriceTweakers offers you the possibility to also monitor the most critical data by using a site to site matching, or we can set up a manual matching for you.

The products are compared on EAN codes; this is the basis of the matching. Also, we have handy techniques for comparing other data points. For more information, please contact us at

No, even Google can't do this. With matching it is always important to match specific reference data.

We can add this information in the system for you but isn't a standard option.

You don't have to do any manual work at all; our data team is going to help you.


Feed Requirements

Yes, an XML feed is necessary to work with PriceTweakers. The easiest way to build it is as a standard Google Shopping XML feed. The minimum fields required are Product Name / EAN/GTIN Number / Product ID / URL of your Products / Brand / Category.

For optimal performance, we also ask you for the following fields: URL to the Image / Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) / Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) / Selling Price / Purchasing Price / Minimum Advertised Price (MAP).

If there are product variants, you can include these in your feed. The variants as content and color are standard work for us (Contents: 100ml / Color: Black). However, if you have another request, you can always contact us.

Yes, that's a great base to start with PriceTweakers, but we need extra information to make the system the best tool for you.