Do you have a good pricing strategy? that is the first question that you need to ask yourself.
Think about all the price changes, the number of competitors and products you have to compare.
Managing and executing your pricing strategy is an ENORMOUS job.

Monitoring the prices of your competitors is very time-consuming. Best-case scenario, you track your top 50 products in the market. So, let's do the math. On average, 15 competitors are involved. This means you have to check 750 products - daily. Assuming it only takes 1 minute to check the price of a competitor, you spend 12.5 hours a day checking prices. 

I understand you might go through this nightmare only one day a week, but that still adds up to 40 hours a month. Yes, a whole week to compare prices. And this doesn't even cover your complete portfolio.

You can take real control over your pricing strategy
Timely and accurate data about your competitors is crucial in executing your pricing strategy. We take care of the data and give you insights with our real-time analytics script and reports. With our dynamic pricing tooling, we save you time and give you real control of your pricing strategy. And all in just a few clicks.

PriceTweakers is your 24/7 pricing analyst
How do we know all this? We have been in the same situation. We have spent too much time keeping up. And we were tired of it. So we developed a solution and later we have built a company around it: PriceTweakers 

We can help you save time and improve your bottom line. PriceTweakers will monitor all your competitors on all your products automatically. And provide you with price recommendations to yield more profit. You will have tools and reports that help you to do automated price analysis, dynamic pricing, price elasticity, and much more. Also, you can optimize your Google Shopping campaigns with PriceTweakers.

We offer the tools that every commercial organization needs

  • Dashboards to provide detailed and realtime insights about your products, product categories, brands, and competitors
  • Price monitoring of your competitors
  • Reports with accurate data per product, competitors and more
  • Price recommendations to improve your profitability
  • Stock availability insights
  • Automated price adjustments in your web-shop based on real-time dynamic pricing rules
  • Price setting based on price elasticity 

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