Dynamic Pricing (DRS)
is an additional module within PriceTweakers that allows you to save time and money, increase the margin, and achieve steady growth.
By making an API connection with your custom-made CMS system or with one of the well-known CMS systems, the prices of all products, categories, or brands can be implemented automatically using extensive price rules. Within DRS you have access to more than 30 different price rules and the associated functionalities, which makes it possible for every webshop to make the right price strategy and implement it automatically in your CMS.
You also have access to a real-time analytics reports that give you immediate insight into whether you have deployed the right strategy or whether you need to make adjustments, so you do not have to wait days to see the direct results. This saves yourself or the company a lot of time so that you can focus on other important matters within the company.

With DRS you can:

  • You can easily implement price strategies because you can set the correct price rules with the widget.
  • Check the prices of the competition and immediately update your prices automatically.
  • Automatically create price campaigns and strategies that are active within a certain time frame.
  • Set sales prices based on your desired margin or a fixed-value surcharge.
  • A fully automated system that will give you margin and sales a boost.
  • Set minimum margin per product, brand, etc so that you can never sell below your purchase price or desired margin.
  • PriceTweakers real-time Analytics gives you direct insight into the pricing strategy that you have updated.
  • Providing insight into the fulfillment costs and marketing expenditure per product, brand or category.
  • No black box, you can see exactly how a strategy has been built up and if you wish you can make an adjustment immediately.
  • Use dynamic prices for selected brands, categories or item groups.
  • Exclude MAP brands or products in the pricing strategies.
  • Link to the known cms systems (App) or based on our flexible API.
  • Save days per month by stopping manually adjusting prices, more time for other important tasks.

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