In collaboration with Google LLC,
we have developed an integration that makes it possible to connect directly to your Google Merchant Center via an API link. This integration is part of the (DRS) dynamic repricing system and we offer it as an extra module.

What is the advantage of the integration? If a price adjustment takes place in the (DRS) dynamic repricing system, this must also be processed in your feed via one of the feed management systems that you can use for this. The disadvantage is that you can only have this updated once a day via the normal Google integration, so your prices in your Google shopping advertisement are not up to date and you therefore do not have current prices with which you advertise on Google Shopping. This often causes you to miss out on income and sales because your prices are not up to date. It is also often an annoyance for your future customers that they see that your price on the page does not match the price shown in the Google advertisement.

With the new GSI module (Google Shopping Integration), if a price adjustment is made within one of your pricing strategies that you have within the DRS module, an adjustment is immediately sent to Google, so that your price update is also adjusted in your advertisement within a few seconds. This means that your advertisements are always up to date and match your prices on your website. This ensures that you will get more conversions. For example, if you use multiple pricing strategies with which you increase or decrease your price several times a day, you are always up to date. It is also possible to set a temporary price via DRS and this will also be automatically adjusted if the temporary price expires.

We ensure that you are always up to date with GSI and that you have more time to do other important things within the company. This ensures that in 90% of the cases you will also have good sales on the product that the buybox has. It is common knowledge that if you have the buybox you have at least 75 to 90% of the turnover from this product. PriceTweakers is there to keep an eye on the competition and automate your business process based on algorithms, AI and extensive analytics and reports.

The price depends on the number of proprietary items (SKUs) you want to monitor and each package gives access to different options and capabilities. If you would like to know more, please contact us directly via this link. Or create an account to start immediately with a demo account and we will contact you to do a test with your own products in your own account. If you want to know more about the possibilities, scroll down on this page for the Q&A. If you want to know what the costs are, click here.

Do you have any questions? Go to our Q&A page or if you are curious about the prices, click here! 

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