Fashion & Shoes Analysis

With PriceTweakers you can gain more insight into your business and make the right decisions by keeping track of your competitors, product availability and prices in a fully automated way.

Awareness of the Market

When you are part of this industry, one of the most competitive ones, there are various aspects to consider especially concerning pricing to have a clear picture of the market.

PriceTweakers monitors products of big competitors and brands in the sector for different categories as apparel, accessories, footwear, bags and so on.

By gaining access to your competitors, you have the right information to determine a perfect policy, resulting in a correct pricing strategy that will increase your margin and profits.

*The data in the table is only for explanatory purposes.

Visualize the Right Picture

The E-commerce market segment fashion is a competitive market due to high demand. Its revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 11.5% (US$922,005M) by 2023.

With PriceTweakers you can be aware of all your competitors’ prices and extra costs, compare your inexpensive and expensive products against them, and check availability on all products so that you can make accurate decisions.