The ultimate guide of dos and don'ts for successful pricing strategies

Posted on 31 May by Simon Gomez in Pricing strategies

Pricing strategies are a crucial part of any business, and getting them right can make a huge difference. It must be planned to perfection if you do not want to fail and lose money. Creating a good strategy will allow you to sell more and increase your profits. However, with so many different factors to consider, it can be challenging to navigate the world of pricing strategies effectively. So, what are the key aspects your business and team must consider in creating a perfect pricing strategy? Continue reading to find out! 


1- Monitor your competitors 

You have to know what your competitors are doing in the market, their prices, and their strategies. Those are fundamental aspects of creating a pricing strategy for your company. If you do not know the product prices of your competitors or have incorrect information, your pricing strategy will be useless, and your business will lose money.    

2- Use an automated program 

In eCommerce, there are many tools to automate processes and make your life easier. There are automated programs to create pricing strategies. They do the work faster than humans because they collect the data quicker and do not make mistakes like humans. Errors in data recollection lead to creating a wrong pricing strategy.    

You can also build pricing strategies ahead of time for special events and save them. When the date comes, all you have to do is put the pricing strategy live on the software.    

3- Add minimum margins 

You do not want to reduce your prices (which is fine) and sell your products below your minimum margins. That is a huge problem. When that happens, you will only lose money, hurting your profits. While, in theory, you are selling more volume, you are not making more profits.   

4- Add conditions 

Anytime you create a pricing strategy, you must own it. What we mean by that is that you must add conditions and mix them to make them unique. Pricing strategies cannot be rigid. A flexible program like PriceTweakers permits you to add and mix, creating perfect combinations that will make your online store increase sales and profits. 


1- Set it and leave it 

Many sellers create a pricing strategy and forget about it. That is a mistake because, in eCommerce, changes happen frequently and occur quickly. Your competitors keep track of what you are doing, and they make changes to prevent losing the top spot. Once you set up a pricing strategy, you must monitor it constantly and make changes. 

2- Monitor it manually 

Manual monitoring does not work in eCommerce. It is humanly impossible to monitor everything, whether your company is big or small. Also, humans make mistakes, even if we double or triple-check everything. Some tools help you with process automation inside your company. The advantages of using a program are that the task is performed faster, allowing you and your teams to do other stuff. Also, you will not make mistakes. 

3- Always use low prices 

There is a misconception that low prices are the best pricing strategy and the only thing customers look for in a product. That reasoning increased the pressure on businesses to lower their prices to the point where they sell below their minimum margins. People are also interested in quality, performance, and not only low prices.    

4- Be reactive 

Many sellers constantly make this mistake: only responding to price changes when their competitors are beating them. When they see they are in trouble, they make irrational pricing decisions that will hurt their profits and lead them to price wars with other sellers. You have to develop pricing strategies to prevent that and make your competitors feel that way. Smart pricing decisions enable growth. 

5- Overcomplicate your pricing strategy 

While it's essential to consider a range of factors when setting your pricing strategy, overcomplicating your approach can lead to confusion and inconsistency. Keep your pricing strategy simple to understand for your team and customers. 


Pricing strategies are vital for your business if you want to increase your sales. But you have to create them correctly. Above are some things you must and cannot do if you want your strategy to succeed. PriceTweakers is the perfect solution because it allows you to execute pricing strategies, obtain the best recommendations, and more. Stop the manual work and mistakes and start increasing your sales and profits. Contact us for more information.     

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Posted on 31 May by Simon Gomez in Pricing strategies