Which are the factors that affect customers' online buying behavior?

Posted on 19 January by Simon Gomez in E-Commerce

As an online seller, have you ever wondered what makes people buy products online? If you do not know, you are missing out on crucial information that will help you increase your sales and learn about your clients. As a participant in eCommerce, it is critical to connect with your audience and to get to know them better. Listed below are the different factors that influence online buying behavior. 

1- Current trends 

People who shop online sometimes do it to go with trends. Technology is a perfect example of this. When a new phone is released, many people buy it because it is the latest phone on the market. The same happens in fashion. How can you know which products are trending? Following social media and reading the news helps you.    

2- Prices 

There is no doubt that one of the aspects that attract customers to buy online is prices. Jungle Scout Consumer Trends Report Q3 2022 discovered that low prices are the second reason people buy products online. But when we talk about low prices, we refer to competitive prices. The only way to have them is by using a program like PriceTweakers. With our software, you can create pricing strategies and modify your prices. You will have the best prices online, which will increase your sales and profits. Also, you will not hurt your margins because our software will never let you sell below your minimum margins.       

3- Promotions 

Special deals incentivize people to buy. Deals are not only low prices. They are buying one, getting one free, bundles, coupons, and many more you can use to attract customers to your store. When clients see that a store runs promotions, they like it. According to Statista, 64% of online consumers wait to buy things until they go on sale.     

4- Personalization 

More and more, customers want products that they can personalize. Add or remove things and changing the color are types of personalization customers like and look at when buying. Clients prefer items that nobody else has and that relate to them. A study by Mckinsey & Company showed that 76% of consumers purchase more from brands that allow personalization. Business Wire revealed that 80% of customers buy more from brands that send them personalized offers. More sales mean more profits!  

But this personalization not only goes into the product they want. It also focuses on the emails you send them (promotions). GrenisMedia found that 40.5% of consumers prefer targeted advertising.    

5- Free shipping 

Free shipping plays a vital role in online buying behavior. Customers want their purchases delivered quickly and securely. But more important than those two aspects is that clients love free shipping. Statista revealed that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase online items with free shipping. Customers can make informed decisions about their purchases when they have clear information about shipping costs. 28% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs, according to Neil Patel  

6- Website design 

Nobody likes entering and navigating through a badly designed page and slow-loading one. A poorly designed website with a confusing navigation structure can frustrate customers and lead to them leaving the site before making a purchase. Envisage Digital found that a one-second delay drops conversion rates by 7%.   

On the other hand, a well-designed website with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation can encourage customers to stay on the site longer and increase the likelihood of making a purchase. Forrester states that good UI can increase conversion rates by up to 200%, and good UX can double it to 400%.   


These are the factors that consumers take into consideration when they decide to buy online. Taking advantage of these factors will increase your sales and profits. PriceTweakers is the perfect tool for monitoring your competitors and creating pricing strategies for your company. Stop wasting time and obtaining the wrong data by manually monitoring your competitors one by one. With our tool, you will do this automatically and increase your sales and profits.      

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Posted on 19 January by Simon Gomez in E-Commerce