Create reports to get a clear insight into your competition

PriceTweakers has an extensive range of reports created to help you or members of your organization to be aware of your competitors' pricing strategy.

The Product Price Report allows you to see the prices of selected competitors at a glance, the Competition Summary lets you see the difference between your competitors but also in relation to your shop or if you want to look at which prices your competitors have increased or even reduced we have another report that will give you that information.

PriceTweakers has many reports and different graphs that help you to visualize the right picture. The analytics capabilities are also expanded with each update and often reviewed by our customers.

With Analytics you can:

  • Have access to extensive reporting capabilities. 
  • Make price comparisons based on your competitors’ prices. 
  • Know which products are not in stock. 
  • View the latest price changes at a glance. 
  • Create price reports based on competitive analysis. 
  • Be aware of new customized reports updates. 

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